What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is as unique as the athlete that orders it. Every sport has its own requirements, plus what to do pre-event, post event or even during competition. Sports massage is more than a very deep pressure massage. The therapist and the athlete must agree on the best treatment plan and move forward together. At Bold Bodywork I specialize in Sports Massage. That is not an empty promise:in my quest to become the top Sports Massage expert in Nevada, I have studied under the very top tier massage therapists in North America. I have studied Function Forward under Richard Lomelli, massage therapist to the LA Kings, Structural Release Therapy with Taya Countryman of Seattle, WA and many more.

While most therapists take their continuing education requirements online, I exceed the requirement in quality, hands-on classes taught by the leaders in the massage field today. I will cater a unique plan using traditional massage, cupping, gua-sha scraping, cryotherapy, joint realignment, traction, energy work, and many other treatments. I can provide more treatment options than anyone else because I am the very best. You only have one body, do not gamble its health on massage chain where therapists are interchangeable!

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